Fallout 76 Season One Review: What You Should Know


Fallout 76’s first season update is live, putting the game’s fate a bit more into focus. Now, is the post-Wastelanders era, and Covid-19 still has many people in the game industry working remotely and adapting to new things. 

If Season One is what Fallout 76 will end up looking, then we should be content. Everything seems intriguing and worth taking a chance. Here is what you should know.

Fallout 76 Season One: Significant Details and Features

The patch notes for update 20 are huge, but the massive immediate changes include the well-known stuff, such as the daily and weekly challenges, social functionality, season one game board, and the world map. 

The Legendary Run menu screen, for instance, displays three separate “chapters” (The Forbidden Galaxy is one of them), with something like 99 reward tiers ready to be unlocked. It’s also arranged like a board game, and you’ll have to progress from rank one to a season maximum of 100 by collecting “S.C.O.R.E.” points. 

Moreover, when you reach rank 100, you’ll get a legendary collection of fantastic cosmetics items like you’d discover in the Atom Shop. Some of those rewards are very intriguing, and you must do anything in your power to reach that max rank within the coming ten weeks. 

To collect “S.C.O.R.E.,” you’ll have to complete the daily and weekly challenges while playing the game. On the world-map screen, go right on the d-pad to find out which are the seasonal challenges. They’re organized into two separate screens, one for dailies and another for weeklies. 

The challenges marked with an “N.W.” can only be done in the Nuclear Winter battle-royale mode. Almost all the daily challenges are easy-to-do, and many of them can be done in seconds. You’ll probably find them easier to do heading to Morgantown Airport and hitting down 10 Scorched. Most dailies will offer you 250 “S.C.O.R.E.,” you’ll reach rank two once you run 1,000. 

In the main menu’s social bar, there’s a new thing you have to try. You can create and host “public teams,” allowing lone-wolf players to team up and complete events, take down legendary enemies, and collect rewards. You can also choose to label your team based on its primary goal, casual, events, building, hunting, and more. Explore with your team Fallout 76’s most terrifying locations for extra fun! 

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