Fallout 76 Terrifying Locations to Discover: What You Should Expect


Fallout 76 is filled with one of the creepiest themes and locations. Each time a game has a post-apocalyptic setting, we are bound to explore some terrifying locations. 

In Fallout 76, you can only find a few locations that don’t feel unsettling at all. And such a thing speaks volumes. Dare to discover some of the creepiest locations in Fallout 76? Here is what you should try.

Gulper Lagoon

The Mire itself has a strange atmosphere, but the Gulper Lagoon is not a location where you would want to let your guard down. Besides the gulpers’ presence – the biggest lizards ever seen – there are lots of massive trees that block most of the sky. 

The gulper can also appear in those trees, and in the water, you’ll notice bones floating. You should not stop and wonder where the bones came from, because you could be the next set of bones. 

Torrance House

While this place is filled with sleek easter eggs that reference the praised The Shining – the well-known “redrum,” and of course the name, Jack Torrance-, the house and the references make the atmosphere feel creepy. You will also find two skeletons, displaying a sad image of a couple facing the Great War’s falling bombs.

The Burning Mine

The mine isn’t just scary. It’s also very dangerous. Given its name, you have to walk through fire and hope that the extremely toxic air won’t kill you. The smoke makes it hard to see what’s around you and where to go, but besides that, it makes it easier to get killed by one of the scariest enemies in Fallout 76, the Mole miners. 

Alpine River Cabins

You can find the Alpine River Cabins in the forest. At first, nothing is unsettling at all. After staying there for a couple of minutes, it’s clear that something isn’t right. The doors close unexpectedly, small earthquakes occur frequently, and the screams can pierce your soul. 

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