Twitter Pauses Verification Applications After Approving Fake Accounts

Twitter has temporarily paused its verification program after accidentally approving fake accounts.

Twitter announced that they stopped accepting new applications for now in order to improve the application and review process.

This decision comes as a result of several fake accounts getting incorrectly approved last month. These accounts were reportedly part of a botnet and should have not been verified. This exposed many holes in Twitter’s verification process making a large overhaul necessary.

Those who already applied for verification beforehand will still be considered however new users will have to wait a while longer. The blue check is usually reserved for accounts that are authentic, popular and active. This means only accounts that fit certain criteria have a chance at getting verified.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has halted its verification program. Similar situations occurred both in 2017 and 2021 as the company struggled with awarding blue checks to deserving accounts. The verification process was resumed back in May this year with a new and improved system in place. It seemed like the social media platform was finally implementing the necessary fixes but subsequently closed it back down just 1 week later.

Twitter said that “for those who have been waiting, we know this may be disappointing.” The company explained via their verified profile that they “want to get things right, and appreciate your patience.” Twitter hopes to resume their verification program in the next few weeks once the issues have been resolved.

Hopefully, all goes well and Twitter is able to revamp its verification program in order to award deserving accounts whole also cutting down on potential bots. This may the light at the end of the tunnel for content creators and personalities who have been trying to get verified for years.

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