Brawl Stars 26.170 Update Is Available with Latest Skins, Bug Fixes, and Underdog System

Brawl Stars is one of the most exciting mobile games out there, and it’s a great way of challenging your skills against your friends since it’s also a multiplayer game. The developers from Supercell are coming with improvements so that Brawls Stars will become even more enjoyable.

The most recent update brings tons of improvements and bug fixes, and we can see some of the patch notes below:

New Skins

  • Darryl Rework
  • Mascot Darryl: 80 Gems
  • PSG Shelly: 80 Gems
  • Dark Bunny Penny: 10 000 Star Points
  • College EMZ: 500 Star Points

The Underdog System:

  • Only in 3v3 modes and with no effect for Solo/Duo showdown
  • Provides a bonus to gained trophies and a reduction to lost trophies when triggered
  • Status is shown after the match and when entering the match

Underdog status is triggered on the following conditions:

  • Player has a 200 trophy difference between two other players who are playing together in a team
  • Player is matched against an enemy team that has an average Brawler trophy of 200+ higher than the player’s team

Underdog bonus is not available while using Play Again

Bug Fixes

  • Brawl Ball: On the ground effects there’s no longer dealing with damage after the scoring of a goal
  • Mortis: eliminated an issue which allowed Mortis to dash inside walls
  • Fixed a bug which stopped 8-BIT from using a primary attack instantly after respawn in Solo Showdown


  • Dynamike: throws multiple sticks of dynamite around himself. Each dynamite causes 700 damage to opponents.
  • Penny: blows up her cannon, and thus creating a powerful explosion. It crumbles walls and deals 1500 damage to opponents.
  • 8-Bit: teleports to his Damage Booster.
  • Rosa: fertilizes the ground around her and then bushes instantly grow to provide cover.
  • Crow: gets a shield of 60% for 3 seconds of incoming damage.
  • Tick: makes a quick dash, leaving a single mine on the field.
  • Pam: triggers her healing turret to create a healing burst that revitalizes herself. This technique also heals allies by providing them 1200 health.
  • Rico: blasts many bullets in all directions.
  • Brock: blasts the ground below him and thus pushes himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.

Brawl Stars is currently available for Android and iOS.

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