A New Update will Adress a Controversial Fortnite Feature

PUBG may have brought the battle royale genre to new heights, but Fortnite stole the crown a long time ago and continues to reign supreme as an undisputed champion.

The popular title continues to attract millions of people from all over the world, who have fun in one of the several titles offered by the game.

One of the most controversial features of the game is the presence of aim assist on the PC version, something that has been criticized by many popular players, including some major Fortnite personalities. Ninja is one of the streamers who bashed the feature, arguing that it’s the reason that made him quit the game.

Changes on the way

In the patch notes from the latest update, Epic Games has revealed that an upcoming update should be released next week will address the controversial problem. At this point, it is not clear what Epic plans to do, but the developer seems convinced that the feature can be balanced without being removed.

A large number of people have argued on the forums that the feature should be tuned to make an impact without being too powerful since it is unfair for PC players who opt to disable the feature to face opponents that are supposed to have the same skill but are in fact helped by the aim assist.

Reason for delay

Epic Games has mentioned that the changes to aim assist could have been introduced this week, but a delay was decided as the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational Grand Final will take place this week, starting on May 23. The introduction of changes at this point would have disrupted the event, as competitive players complained when Epic Games did this in the past.

PC aim assist is available if the player opts to use a controller, and it has sparked many heated debates among players.

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