WeChat Version 7.0.18 Fixes More Bugs and Comes with Extra Features

WeChat is a popular messaging app owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent. The app records over a billion monthly users, being surpassed only by Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp.

However, WeChat goes beyond messaging by allowing users to do things like payments and book flights and hotels.

One peculiar aspect of WeChat is that it features “mini-programs,” which are like tiny apps within WeChat.

Though WeChat’s primary purpose is to be an instant messaging app, it is very different from Facebook’s Messenger or WhatsApp.

Here are WeChat’s top features:


WeChat is good at messaging – You can add people in many ways. Each user gets a unique QR code that can be scanned by other users to add them.

People can be added to group chats by phone number or designated ID. However, WeChat also has an option to search for nearby people.

WeChat is extremely popular in China. It’s one of the main ways of communicating in the country.

WeChat is so efficient that many businessmen choose it instead of email services.

WeChat gained so much popularity in China also because services like Facebook are blocked in the country.

That is why WeChat has a social feature called “Moments” that lets users upload a set of images and videos, just like on Facebook.

WeChat’s instant payment feature is handy in China, where you can use a smartphone to pay for nearly everything.

Mini-programs are part of the reasons why WeChat’s so popular, too. Some companies chose to launch apps within WeChat instead of developing a standalone app because WeChat has such an extensive user base.

There are services like Dianping, an app that lets you check out ratings for nearby restaurants and services, and DiDi, a ride-hailing service.

Current Version

The app reached version 7.0.18. The new version promises some bug fixes that lead to improved performance!

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