Recommended R2 Games for Those Who Stay at Home

R2 Games offers those who stay at home a solution to put an end to hours of boredom. We’re talking about their popular browser games that cater for different types of players. Looking for some fantasy RPG and strategy game? Staying at home is definitely more fun when you play Dragon Awaken, for instance. Want to fight demons and build your own castle? Or perhaps you would like to join an alliance and defeat a common enemy in The Third Age. No matter the theme or gameplay, R2 Games has a wide range of browser games that will keep you entertained at home for longer than you even expected.

Let’s take a look at four of R2 Games’ most popular titles and see what they have to offer and the special rewards they bring to players. The need to unwind during these trying times has never been higher, and nothing beats a browser game that lets you play at your own pace.

Dragon Awaken

This semi-turn based heroic fantasy MMORPGs can be played right from your browser, just like all R2 Games. What makes the free-to-play Dragon Awaken different from what you’ve seen at other MMORPGs?

The combat is simple and watching the action is part of the fun in Dragon Awaken. The auto-game is a good time killer and it will surely take away the boredom while you stay at home.

The plot is also interesting, especially for those that love a Dragon-themed lore. You’re actually the son of a Dragon born and an ancient god, and you’ll have to defeat a new threat. It is your duty to rise, lead and fight to overcome the dragons that threaten to eradicate whoever is not willing to bow to them.

Right now, players can enjoy a new event in Dragon Awaken and win these new items:

  • Fashion: Carnival Dancer
  • Mount: Carnival Snake
  • Pet Skin: Space Skin

Head over to the official Dragon Awaken website at and find out more about the current events.

League of Angels

In League of Angels, you will be able to make new friends through the chat option or by joining Guilds, so League of Angels has got you covered with that whole social distancing problem if you want to interact with other players.

One of the most popular R2 Games, League of Angels is another free-to-play browser MMORPG, where you fight alongside angels to defeat the evil forces. You’ll just need to open your browser and tune in to League of Angels. Time will certainly fly away while you are stuck at home and play this game. Start your adventure and begin questing to level up your character and equip it.

The turn-based combat system, the PvE and PvP content and even its mini games, like the fun jewel puzzle and arcade shooter, will certainly keep you entertained for hours.

Currently, there are three League of Angels games. For instance, League of Angels III is now celebrating Carnival in the Grace Continent, so head over to and learn more about the three League of Angels and the events and rewards in each title.

The Third Age

If you hate being stuck at home and have nothing fun to do, why don’t you escape in an another world, where you end up in the middle of a war? When joining The Third Age for the first time, as a lord, you’ll have to fight and defend your land against barbarians and invaders. Don’t worry about getting bored in this game, there’s character progression, plenty of quests and fights, as well as managing your own land that you won’t even notice how many hours you’ve spent in game.

In The Third Age, you will get to join a side and defeat the common enemies. Whether they are virtual foes or actual players, you will have to decide who is you ally and who are your enemies. Prepare for a lot of fights, but keep in mind that you will also have to build, upgrade buildings and expand your city, make sure you have enough resources and the people see you as a good leader.

The Third Age is an Html 5 optimized browser game, which is a little over a year old. It has also celebrated its anniversary earlier this month, and constantly offers new events and rewards. R2 Games also offers comprehensive guides and you can learn more about The Third Age and the current events at

Eternal Fury H5

Another Html 5 optimized browser game is Eternal Fury. The free game will keep you wired for quite some time if you’re stuck at home. You get to see a unique story, with a captivating lore.

If you take a first look at how Eternal Fury begins, you’ll see it’s pretty similar to Wartune in terms of fights and exploration. Gameplay wise, you must choose an epic hero and fight demons, as well as build your own castle. The fights are turn-based, so you can always take a break if your schedule is a bit busy. The friendly UI and tutorial in the beginning are quite handy for first-time players, so don’t worry about entering a new browser game and getting lost without knowing what to do.

Fight enemies to win weapons and gears and fight even stronger enemies. Join a Guild, lead your kingdom and complete many quests through your journey.

Eternal Fury H5 just got an update on April 11, introducing four new heroes and plenty of content and rewards. Check them on the official Eternal Fury H5 website at

Check These Free R2 Browser Games and Enjoy Hours of Entertainment

As you can see, each title from R2 Games offers various stories and themes, with some different gameplay, but everything revolves around you, as the hero or as the leader that must face certain enemies. No matter what you choose, be it Dragon Awaken, League of Angels, The Third Age, or Eternal Fury H5, each free-to-play browser game offers fresh new content, events and rewards to keep you entertained while you’re staying at home.

Check all the R2 Games titles at and choose your adventure now!

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