PS5 Might Be Released On This Date: What to Expect

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The PS5’s release date has just been leaked unexpectedly. We now know a few intriguing things about the next-gen console’s media remote, thanks to a leaked instruction manual. 

Sony’s PS5 might arrive as early as November 17, but not a moment earlier. The timing, some will be surprised, has almost nothing to do with the console’s rival, the Xbox Series X, which will be released on November 10. 

According to the recent leak, all the roads take us to Disney+. Here is what you need to know.

PS5’s Arrival Full Details Leaked

The news comes from Tecnoblog, a Brazilian tech news website, courtesy of GamesRadar. The site got ahold of an instruction manual for the Sony PS5 Media Remote: an accessory that allows users to control a PS5 just like a Blu-ray player or a streaming box. 

Similar to lots of modern streaming remotes, the PS5 accessory will come with four dedicated buttons that launch certain services. The thing is that in Brazil, these buttons are for Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+. All of these won’t be available in Brazil until November 17.

Paulo Higa of Tecnoblog explains that the PS5 can’t arrive before November 17. The media remote will be released alongside the console, and Sony wouldn’t sell an accessory without a functional button. 

What Is There Left to Believe

While November 17 does seem like the earliest release date for the next-gen console arrival, it probably doesn’t have that much to do with Disney+. Sony will still want to wait a week or so after the Xbox Series X arrives (November 10). 

Sony could try to be a gamechanger and launch the console on November 6. However, the consensus has been that the company would wait for its rival to bring its new console first. 

Also, the streaming remotes can and do arrive with nonfunctional buttons. The Roku Wireless Speakers or the Sling AirTV are the best examples. If PS5 did come, say, on November 6, nobody would suffer. 

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