Pokemon Sword and Shield Introduce New Max Raid Event: Features Unveiled

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Pokemon Sword and Shield bring a new Max Raid event focused on Grass and Lightning type Pokemon. The event runs until September 30. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s newest event will allow us to add some valuable Gigantamax-skilled Pokemon to our collections and team up in groups of four and fight the super-powered Max Raid Bosses. Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon Sword and Shield New Event Significant Details

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce a new special Max Raid event, available until September 30. We can now add some significant Gigantamax-capable Pokemon to our collection. The event is also focused on Lightning and Grass-type Pokemon. 

Even for those who have already completed the Pokedex, Max Raid Bosses are still worthy. Pokemon found in this way are more likely to come with some of the best stats and access Gigantamax forms. 

We can also raise stats via Hyper Training and let access to Gigantamax via Max Soup. A lucky Max Raid catch, however, makes the extra steps unnecessary. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield New Max Raid Event Features 

The newest Max Raid event features the following Grass and Electric Dynamax Pokemon: Ferrothorn, Ferroseed, Eldegoss, Gossifleur, Heliosk, Helioptile, Boltund, and Yamper. We can capture the Gigantamax types of Toxtricity, Flapple, Appletun, and the pre-evolutions Applin and Toxel. 

Applin is easy to capture but evolves strangely, so getting the chance to catch its evolutions directly might come in handy for those looking to increase their collection.

Both Appletun/ Flapple and Toxtricity have a gimmick tied to their Gigantamax types. Toxtricity has two forms, a Low Key and an Amped form. Only the Low Key can access Minus’s ability, while the Amped one can access the ability Plus. 

Those two forms are the same in Gigantamax form, and both have access to the same G-Max move, G-Max Stun Shock. As for Fapple and Appletun (the same Gigantamax appearance), each has access to a special G-Max move: G-Max Sweetness for Appletun, and G-Max Tartness for Flapple. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available only for the Nintendo Switch. 


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