Pokemon GO Challenge: Arlo’s Lineup and Counters Revealed

arlo lineup and counters

Pokemon GO comes with another chance for all trainers who want to defeat the Team GO Rocket bosses. 

Bosses, Arlo, Sierra, Giovanni, and Cliff, are back and ready to cause some trouble around the map. They made a few updates to their roster, so we need to alter the counter rosters they had last time. 

Arlo is back in Pokemon GO with many familiar Pokemon. There is also some new stuff. Here is what you need to know.

Arlo Updates

You should be able to reutilize most of the boss’ counters from the last time, but you also need to be ready for a big challenge. 

Arlo introduces Growlithe in its first slot. Such a thing requires players to select and power up a new Pokemon. Things should be pretty easy after that. 

Arlo’s Lineup


Scizor or Salamence or Dragonite

Steelix or Charizard or Blastoise

Growlithe Counters

Golem: Rock Blast/ Mud Shot;

Swampert: Hydro Cannon/ Mud Shot

Regirock: Lock On/ Stone Edge;

Omastar: Rock Slide/ Mud Shot.

Steelix Counters

Blaziken: Blaze Kick;

Heatran: Fire Spin/ Flamethrower;

Entei: Flamethrower/ Fire Spin.

Dragonite Counters

Regice: Blizzard/ Lock On;

Dialga: Draco Meteor/ Dragonbreath;

Gyarados: Twister/ Dragonbreath.

Charizard Counters

Golem: Rock Blast/ Mud Shot;

Alolan Golem: Rock Blast/ Rock Throw;

Tyranitar: Crunch/ SmackDown;

Rhyperior: Surf/ SmackDown.

Salamence Counters

Giratina: Dragon Claw/ Dragon Breath;

Tyranitar: Crunch/ SmackDown;

Regice: Blizzard/ Lock On.

Blastoise Counters

Dragonite: Dragon Claw/ Dragonbreath;

Leafeon: Leaf Blade/ Quick Attack;

Venusaur: Frenzy Plant/ Vine Whip.

Scizor Counters

Charizard: Blast Burn/ Fire Spin;

Heatran: Flamethrower/ Fire Spin;

Moltres: Overthrow/ Fire Spin.

You should be able to quickly counter any configuration of challengers that boss Arlo comes with. There are, of course, other Pokemon that can you can use as substitutes, but you shouldn’t have much trouble using the mentioned above recommendations.

Pokemon GO was launched for iOS and Android users in select regions.

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