Overwatch 2 Announced at BlizzCon 2019

Blizzard Entertainment announced recently at BlizzCon 2019 the upcoming Overwatch 2, without a release date. Developers chose not to unveil a thing about the launch of the game, which will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. From what it was announced, it seems that the game won’t receive an early 2020 release, even if fans got a piece of the game by testing a Rio de Janeiro story mission. Also, a Push Mode was well-received by fans and tried out this weekend.

Blizzard developers have, however, gave some insights about their decision to announce the game so early and what are the pros and cons of that decision. Chacko Sonny detailed, “On a purely base level, the team just wanted to share what they had been working for so long. […] we hear all the feedback.” Sonny has also explained how vital the fan feedback will be from the BlizzCon, and that Overwatch 2 is still in its early stages of development. Sonny is thinking that “there are some challenges associated with announcing this (Overwatch 2) early,” but we’ll sure that stuff like these will only bring the best.

Even if developers didn’t provide us enough information about the upcoming game, they did make it clear that Overwatch 2 will bring a lot of new content and experience.

The game is known to represent a sequel, introducing the creation of the second Overwatch team with Winston, Tracer, and the rest of the characters from the original Overwatch installment. The characters will supposedly join their forces with a new generation of heroes. Michael Chu hinted about the game’s theme by saying, “…one of the themes we are interested in exploring in Overwatch is heroism.” It seems that the game will involve a lot of a hero-stuff.

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