iPhone SE 2 Release Date – We Have Some Hot News

There are so many leaks out there that it is quite clear that Apple wants to release the iPhone SE 2 device (or iPhone 9) quite soon. Reports have our back on this one. So, accordingly, the iPhone SE 2 might indeed launch soon. Let’s see what the latest reports have to say about the successor of the iPhone SE.

The possible price of the iPhone SE 2

According to some of the reports, the next budget iPhone will cost you $399, and it is going to be released in March. The original iPhone SE had the same price back in 2016, and Apple is known for making announcements in March.

This new info shows that rumors were right, and while there are still rumors, we believe they will turn out to be true in March when we will see the budget phone available at the $399 price.

But what will its name be?

There have been numerous talks about the coronavirus, and many people believed that it would delay the release of iPhone SE 2, but the March plan seems to be going strong. The first budget phone was also launched in March.

But when it comes to specs, it seems that a 4.7-inch screen is what we’re getting for the phone, and it is quite similar to the iPhone 8 – it also comes with a Touch ID sensor.

iPhone SE 2 release date news

If the company really decides to call the phone the iPhone 9, then it will surely help the current naming strategy for the handsets. But when it comes to everything else, we are not sure what the future holds.

We might not have to wait a while for that if all of these sources are correct. If the event will take place in March, then the Cupertino-based company, Apple, should start throwing out invites in the following weeks.

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