iPhone 13 Will Get Rid of The Notch – New Ambient Light Sensor

Although iPhone 12 is not already here, we know pretty much all that is to know about it: specs, price, and release date. But why not dare to look a little bit further into the future? If things go as planned, we should see iPhone 13 arriving in 2021 with better hardware, dozens of camera lenses, and God knows what else.

One predominant aspect of smartphones, in general, is the presence of the notch for the front camera. Many people had been annoyed by it, but luckily, there are some suitable alternatives: punchholes and the relatively new ‘invisible’ camera that we’ve seen on Samsung and OnePlus phones.

Ambient light sensor beneath iPhone 13’s display

Apple Insider reports that the latest patent indicates the presence of an ambient light sensor below the upcoming iPhone 13’s display. We can also expect the premium versions of the iPhone 13 to include a LiDAR sensor on the rear.

However, the same source warns that such technology of an ‘invisible’ camera for iPhone 13 isn’t easy to implement at all. The component could hinder other parts of the future flagship.

iPhone 11 was a tremendous upgrade for its predecessor iPhone X: better processor, more RAM, larger display, better battery, and so on. Therefore, we should expect the same kind of difference between iPhone 11 and the next flagship phone from Apple. iPhone 12 will be featuring the A14 Bionic chipset, which is the next-generation and most powerful processor made by Apple – this is the highlight specification of the upcoming iPhone.

With the release of iPhone 12 scheduled next month, it could provide us a good idea of what to expect from iPhone 13. Just like any other smartphone, we shouldn’t expect from iPhone 12 to grant all of our wishes, and we all know that Apple fans are almost impossible to please.

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