How to Fix Google Play Store Errors

The Google Play Store is the home for millions of apps, and also for content like games, music, videos, and e-books. There’s no wonder why, though: we’re talking about the official marketplace for Android devices that has a staggering amount of monthly active users: 1 billion.

But what should you do when the good old Play Store starts to malfunction? Surely buying a new phone is not worth the sacrifice, because the issue can be solved much more comfortable and at no cost. Let’s see what the best methods for doing so are!

Fix most common Google Play Store errors

Clear the cache memory

The simple method of clearing the cache can bring your Google Play Store back in business in no-time. Temporarily stored data need to be deleted from time to time to ensure optimal functionality for any app.

For doing so with the Play Store, you’ll have first to access your Settings menu. Then, head for Application manager or to the list of apps, find the Play Store, select it, and choose the related-option for clearing its cache memory.

Install the latest version

Not having the latest update installed can be the source problem for many apps, including Google Play Store. Although it’s more precisely a repository of apps, Play Store can also be considered an app by itself.

A new update for the marketplace could be necessary, although there’s a chance that it won’t be downloaded automatically. A better way of getting your hands on it is by choosing to download it in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

Clear the cache for Google Play Services

Not everybody knows that the Google Play Services is strongly related to the Play Store. If the first has issues, the other one will be affected as well. Play Services is working in the background for allowing efficient communication between apps and certain parts of the device.

It’s also a piece of cake to clear the cache and data from your Google Play Services. Go to the Settings menu from your phone, select Apps or Application manager, and then take the obvious step of finding the Google Play Services app. Find the Clear cache option and hit it, as it can be right under your nose as you access the Google Play Services, or you may need to locate it after selecting Storage.

Get the latest version of Google Play Services

As previously suggested, your Android phone could not work at an optimal level without the built-in Google Play Services. Therefore, this component could as well be outdated, and you’ll need to get the necessary update.

To update, simply go to the Google Play Store menu. It is shown as a so-called ‘hamburger button’ in the top-left corner of your phone’s display. Select Settings, and under General, you’ll see when your Google Play will update. Select the Auto-update apps and check the Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi if it’s wasn’t already. You need to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, and that’s it.

Disable your VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a handy tool nowadays, especially if you don’t trust your ISP (Internet Service Provider). But disabling it can actually get you rid of some nasty problems like those that prevent the Google Play Store from running correctly.

Disable your VPN from your Android device by going to the Settings menu, selecting More or More networks, and ultimately switch off your VPN app.

Reset your Google account

This is another easy and efficient method for fixing the issues with your Google Play Store if you know how to handle it. Your entire phone will be affected if you lose your Account. If you have what it takes and you’re aware of the risks, do the following: go to the Settings menu from your Android device and hit Accounts. Tap the Google account you wish to remove, then select the menu icon, and ultimately tam Remove Account. You could repeat the process for any other Google account if you have more than one.

To add your Google account again, return to Settings, and select Account again. Select Add Account and follow the simple steps that the device is telling you for re-adding your Google account.

Master reset you device

This is a drastic measure that you should take only when no other previous action fixed the problem, and if you’re well aware of the enormous risks. You could lose any possibility of ever bringing back your data if you don’t reset your factory data the proper way. You should perform a complete backup of your smartphone before choosing to reset the factory data.

After you do the backup, you can do the resetting pretty quickly. Go to your Settings menu and hit Backup & reset. Make sure the slider for Back up my data is on. Select Backup Account to select your desired Account for backing up the data. You should make sure you have access to this Account.

Google Play Store is a magnificent place to find your desired apps, games, movies, music, and much more. If you’re reticent when it comes to installing new content on your device, Google also offers the Google Play Instant, and as its official presentation says:

“With Google Play Instant, people can just tap and try an app or game without having to install it first. Google Play Instant experiences are available on the Google Play Store, the Google Play Games app, and wherever links are shared.”

The software services of Google are continuing to impress the world, but, unfortunately, there will always be bugs in the Google Play Store.

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