Best Minecraft Mods for the Beginning of 2020

If you’re looking for the best mods so far for your favorite game, your search might stop here. Minecraft succeeded in gathering a massive fanbase among years, with millions of players worldwide. It is a smooth open-ended game, but its mods bring more fun.

If you’re new with this term, the mod is an abbreviation for “modification.” A Minecraft mod is something that players can work with for changing some stuff in the game from its initial state. For a better experience in the game, here are some mods that you might find helpful.

Best Minecraft Mods for the Beginning of 2020

Iron Chests

This mod is perfect for players who always appreciate a storage area. Also, it is considered as one of the best mods so far. It allows you to build various chests of many skills and qualities. You can choose to make it out of iron, gold, diamond, and even dirt.

Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 brings you an excellent fishing experience, allowing you to add various fish to Minecraft. You can also create fishing rods or catch a Lunker, which you can display it as a trophy.

Presence Footsteps

This mod is not a necessarily required one, but players can bring some extra joy with it. It allows you to add various sounds for whatever place you’re going to.

Ring of the Miner

The Ring of Miner lets players mine easier. The mod breaks non-ore blocks in a place of 11x5x11 close to the player. Try access the Standard Mod, right-click to tear the non-ore blocks instead, and protect space in your storage.

Apple Skin

The Apple Skin Mod allows you to check your Hunger status. Try picking up a food product, and you’ll quickly found out how hungry you are. Your saturation will also change.

Fast Leaf Decay

The Fast Lead Decay mod will make the leaves fade faster in only five seconds! You will find it very useful, especially if you want to cut off lots of trees.

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