Aliens, beware! Astronomers Present ET-Tracking Apparatus!

Alien life specialists have built cutting-edge tech that they claim one day will register proof of extraterrestrials.

Our planet contains all the requirements to support life, including liquid water, energy sources, and biologically necessary elements.

The New Discovery

The discovery that was just published this week revealed a potentially biogenic chemical in Venus’ clouds, which might be another sign that we might not be alone in our solar system.

However, discovering traces of past or present alien life has troubled scientists for decades now.

The good news is that researchers managed to build an automated microchip electrophoresis analyzer, which, according to them, will one day detect traces of alien life.

The device works as a fully automated microchip electrophoresis analyzer, which might one day be deployed to search for life in outer space.

An essential element of detecting evidence for alien life outside of Earth is the presence of a particular chain of organic molecules.

Scientists previously searched for alien life on Mars by analyzing gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to differentiate life compounds.

However, that technique has its limitations in analyzing some molecules, including organic acids, especially when water, minerals, or salts, are present in the probe.

Until now, microchip electrophoresis-based and laser-induced fluorescence detection means were used, the technology was only partially automated, which wouldn’t be suitable for missions on other planets.

As a result, a portable device capable of labeling, separating, and detecting organic molecules is high demand.

The newly developed device has two microchips – one for processing and labeling a liquid sample, and the other for separating chemical compounds.

The new device is a fresh start in the quest to find alien life

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