CS: GO Update Brings Nerfs To Weapons, Changes, And Other Improvements

The new update in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is bringing brand-new weapons, as well as improvements for old ones and a completely reinterpreted map for the game. Even though the upgrades are not introduced to change the gaming experience and the narrative story of the game, their primary focus is to improve the standard play mode into a more competitive one.

CS: GO Update Nerfs The SG553 and brings more changes

The SG553 is one weapon that received several significant upgrades. For example, the rate of fire and accuracy was changed, and at the moment, players are enjoying a more effective gun while un-scoped. The price of the weapon was reduced by 200 USD and is currently available for 2900 USD. Reductions in price have been spotted for the M4A1-S, which is now rated at 2900 USD.

Moreover, further improvements were brought to the Deagle and Tec-9 pistols. Deagle’s jumping accuracy requests now less recovery time after landing, while the Tec-9’s fighting accuracy was improved. In addition to this, several upgrades were brought for the Bizon submachine gun and its armor.

More Details About The New CS: GO Update

Furthermore, the gamers can now explore the six maps specially designed from scratch: Anubis, Overpass, Inferno, Mirage, and Chlorine. The changes that are brought are minimal and often refer to cleaning individual rooms and solving clipping problems.

The most impressive features are added to the Anubis map, which is now part of the Competitive mode, where the boost exploits are removed. Additionally, the quality of this map is improved, and the reflection issues are soon solved. The map that benefitted from the most upgrades was Chlorine. The environment light is now brightened, offering increased visibility in certain areas.

As far as other parts are concerned, the developers are bringing compressed textures with a view to improving the usage of memory among players in the new CS: GO update. Additionally, the auto-vocalizations by boots are silenced.

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