YouTube For Android Redesign Is Around The Corner

YouTube is the most popular streaming platform in the world. Designed by Google, and owned by the company, the platform has attracted billions of users, including vloggers and viewers on the same side. Now, Google plans for a YouTube redesign, at least for the comment section, at first.

One of the most significant issues with YouTube is that, on mobile devices, any action would cut out the streaming. Whether the users lock their phone or want to post a comment, whatever it’s playing stops. Google wants to change that, and, at least, it thought to revamp the way people leave comments without halting the streaming, be it a song, podcast, or whatever.

Google is already experimenting with this feature, and, soon, it might roll it out to worldwide Android devices. At first, Google will allow users to view up to three comments, without any interruption of the video. That’s a step towards permitting users to lock their phones while YouTube runs.

YouTube For Android Redesign Is Around The Corner

“If you have a pinned comment, it will show up in this section if it meets additional criteria,” explained Google in an official blog post.

“We consider a variety of viewer and creator signals that may prevent your pinned comment from showing, some examples include, if the comment contains a link, if it is more than 140 characters, or appears to be self-promotional. When a viewer taps to view all comments, pinned comments will continue to always show as the first comment,” Google added.

Moreover, those users who want to read more comments can tap the respective button and view more of them without pausing their already-running stream. As Google explained, this is only a trial, but it would be something that the mobile users of YouTube have expected for several years.

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