YouTube Brings a Reliable Alternative to TikTok

The TikTok app was downloaded 611 million times in India, which means around 30 percent of the total global downloads of the software. Although TikTok seems unbeatable, it could face its downfall at some point in the future. The launch of the Shorts app is another strong argument, as it can be considered a reliable alternative to TikTok.

YouTube officially announced ‘Shorts’ today, September 15. It’s actually a short-format video feature that actually exists right within the YouTube app.

Video creation tool resembles TikTok

Unfortunately or not, Shorts’s video creation tool begins its roll-out as a beta that’s only available in India. They don’t call it ‘Shorts’ for no reason. Each of the platform’s videos has a maximum length of 15 seconds, but the good news is that more clips can be stringed together.

We encourage any mobile creator or artist to start uploading their existing short videos on YouTube today to start getting discovered.

Shorts offers a variety of features, and we can mention:

  • Speed up or slow down your videos.
  • Stitch shorter clips together using a multi-segment camera.
  • Add music to the videos from YouTube’s library.
  • Take advantage of timers and countdowns.
  • Editing videos by using creative tools.

This is an early version of the product, but we’re releasing it now to bring you — our global community of users, creators and artists — on our journey with us as we build and improve Shorts.

There’s no need to worry that you won’t be able to find Shorts. YouTube got it covered for you, as it will feature a button at the bottom of the app’s navigation bar for uploading new videos. Uploading videos on YouTube may be fun, but doing it at a minimized level can be interesting for many users.

What do you think? Do you still like TikTok more?

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