Xiaomi Vertically Folding Smartphone With Two Selfie Cameras Patented

The folding smartphone industry is growing slowly but steadily. With Samsung Galaxy Fold already out there and Huawei Mate X release in just two weeks, many producers want to join this emerging market, including Motorola and LG. Xiaomi is now one of those producers. Recently Xiaomi patented a vertically folding smartphone with two selfie cameras.

The foldable phone market is only at the beginning, and, until now, not many people jumped in to buy such devices. In reality, there is only Samsung Galaxy Fold available out there, but in two weeks, Huawei Mate X will launch. These devices are costly, so they might not attract many customers.

Xiaomi, for its part, might come up with a cheaper folding smartphone to attract buyers. That would give a huge blow to Samsung and Huawei, but, at the moment, we do not have many details on the upcoming Xiaomi vertically folding smartphone besides that it would boast two selfie cameras and its possible release date.

Vertically Folding Smartphone With Two Selfie Cameras Patented By Xiaomi

CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) accepted the patent filed by Xiaomi on a vertically folding smartphone. The aspect of the patented device looks similar to that of a flip phone, a design that was popular in the era of Motorola Razr series.

The particularity of the Xiaomi folding smartphone is that it would fold vertically, similar to the Moto Razr foldable device that Motorola is reportedly working on at the moment. Also, the Xiaomi phone would sport two selfie cameras, a thing that became quite common among smartphones lately.

Besides this vertically folding smartphone, Xiaomi also works on another foldable phone that’s more similar to Galaxy Fold and Mate X. We don’t know which would be the first to hit the shelves in stores, but rumors say that one of them will come out by the end of 2019.

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