Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Launched With Breathtaking Specs

Xiaomi released its brand-new AIoT line of devices. As part of this upcoming product lineup, the company has released a couple of new IoT devices. The two forthcoming methods are the upgrade of the Mi security cameras launched last year in China. The new series is bringing the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ series and its feature that allows its users to monitor their space.

The Mi Smart Camera is currently rated at 30 USD, while the Pro version of this device should be around 35 USD. The tools allow their users to see who enters and leaves their premises. The cameras are already available for users to preorder the devices only in China.

The company has not made any official declaration regarding any upcoming global release of their product. However, the market is expecting this product to be available in the next weeks for the Indian markets and some other countries situated in the southern region of Asia.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Models Launched

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro version of the series comes with enhanced features that occur in the design of the camera and its video configuration. The Pro version has a 3MP camera that is also able to detect human movements, using AI. In addition to this, it has a 360-degree view, offering a panorama picture of the space.

In the meantime, the other version is featuring as well a 3MP video camera that can record in extreme conditions such as lack of source of light. Additionally, the records come with full colors in 2K settings.

The camera covers as well a 360-degree vision and it can move from one corner of the house to another to add more flexibility to its recordings. Therefore, the difference between the two gadgets can be identified by the fact that the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ Pro version is offering Bluetooth gateway features and supports WiFi connection.

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