Xiaomi & Huawei Smartphones Will Reportedly Use Foldable Panels From Samsung Display

It seems that this year, Xiaomi and Huawei will turn to Samsung to supply them with flexible, foldable panels for the incoming foldable smartphones. A Korean website reported that, while Huawei Mate X used foldable panels from Chinese company BOE and Xiaomi used a flexible display from Chinese company Visionox, in 2020, the two phone makers might turn to Samsung to provide them with their flexible panels.

The report notes that Huawei’s Mate X2 will no longer get its foldable panels from BOE since the ones from Samsung have better quality and can yield a larger quantity than the Chinese maker provided last year.

Xiaomi is also reported to be in the talks for flexible panels from Samsung Display, but the same report mentioned Xiaomi might not create a foldable phone this year.

While Huawei will use Samsung Display as the primary supplier, BOE will also remain a partner as a backup supplier.

Huawei Mate X2 and the Next-Gen Galaxy Fold to Launch in Q3

The Korean website added that both the Mate X2 and the second-generation Galaxy Fold would be launched Q3 – the second half of the year. Rumors have circulated about the Mate X2 being released around IFA 2020, confirming the claims made in the report.

Other details added in the report include that the Mate X2 will have an outward folding. As for the incoming MWC 2020, we will see the Mate XS, a different version of the current Mate X foldable that will surely use the BOE panel.

Seeing how Samsung was successful with its Samsung Display in the market, more Chinese smartphone makers have turned their attention to Samsung’s supply of foldable panels. We are talking about the likes of OPPO and Vivo. However, aside from Samsung Display providing their panels to Huawei, it will primarily supply its foldable panels to create the clamshell Galaxy Fold model that should launch before MWC and the next-gen Galaxy Fold.

As we mentioned earlier, we will see Samsung Display supply Xiaomi with panels for a foldable smartphone that could be launched in 2021. This means that the top foldable smartphone makers in 2020 will be Samsung and Huawei.

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