Xiaomi Flip Smartphone With Pop-Up Camera Might Beat Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

As the trend of foldable devices rises, we witness every day, more and more smartphone manufacturers choosing such a concept. The latest to join the flip fashion is Xiaomi. The giant tech is believed to have under development a direct rival for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. How will Xiaomi change or enhance the foldable trend? Also, could the company beat one of the best smartphone manufacturers so far? Well, some reports say so.

Xiaomi’s Chance of Proving Its Flip Design Its the Best

Usually, a smartphone design includes pop-up cameras to create a bezel-less display. Such a concept has been adopted already by many companies. Xiaomi, however, changes the routine and aims to develop a foldable device with a possible pop-up camera. The upcoming smartphone series could arrive with a bezel-less screen.

Reports from ZDNet Korea bring the latest details about Xiaomi’s plans. They suggest that the company is accepting Samsung’s offer of utilizing the ultra-thin glass tech for its first foldable device. Also, the Chinese smartphone brand is turning to its rival in a bid to offer flexible screens for a future clamshell device.

But, due to the lack of supply from Samsung Display, Xiaomi had to change the game a little bit, according to the reports. It will purchase foldable displays from Chinese companies CSOT and BOE. These two are the companies that supplied the screen tech for the redesigned Motorola RAZR, which has a similar clamshell concept. However, we should wait for some official announcements. Xiaomi might go after all with Samsung’s premium quality.

What Should We Expect?

Xiaomi possesses an impressive product portfolio, being one of the most praise brands in India. The low-budget devices with premium specs got a lot of positive reviews so far. When it comes to the foldable smartphone, there might be some factors that could break or make Xiaomi’s upcoming venture.

When Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip, it was terrific. But, the excitement didn’t last for too long. The ultra-thin glass technology was discovered to be mostly plastic. If Xiaomi can win at the display game, then maybe its upcoming project will prove to be successful.

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