Xbox Series X’s Recent Feature Beats Rival’s Console

So far, Microsoft seems to know how to stay relevant and play by one of the most stringent rules. The Xbox Series X vs. PS5 war might find its end soon, due to the evident reasons. Even if there aren’t lots of differences between the two next-gen consoles, some reports show otherwise. Recently, it was speculated that Microsoft is leading gloriously thanks to its PR department’s work. What could this mean?

Xbox Series X’s New Features in the Spotlight

A few weeks ago, we witnessed the arrival of the Smart Delivery feature on Xbox Series X. Such functionality allows players to easily purchase a game on Xbox One console and upgrade it to its Xbox Series X. Now, Microsoft is pulling ahead (once again) of PS5 with another feature.

Xbox director of program management, Jason Ronald, discussed recently on Gamespot, about the latest plans of the company. He unveiled that Microsoft has under development a way to let Xbox Series X utilize its internal SSD efficiently. The process will be done through hardware compression technology. Ronald further explained that Microsoft is planning to reach this by highlighting its BCPack texture compressor.

The BCPack is developed especially for compressing texture data that sometimes is one of the main reasons for a game’s size. According to Ronald, the system will let games to “consume as little space as possible on the SSD while removing all CPU overhead typically associated with run-time decompression.” Nowadays, it is common for games to hit up to 100GB. Games such as Gears of War” or “Halo 5: Guardians,” are the best examples.

It remains to be seen what Microsoft’s rival has in response to such news. But, so far, the Xbox Series X is leading. We’re looking further, however, for other great features to be announced from both companies.

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