Xbox Series X Would Come With Some New Features Then PS5, But Nobody Cares

What is a teraflop? Based on the description from Microsoft, the upcoming home video game console, the Xbox Series X, has 12. Here’s how Xbox explains what a teraflop is. “1 Teraflop: A unit of computing speed equal to one trillion floating-point operations per second,” wrote Xbox team on their official Twitter page.

Although the specs for the upcoming Xbox Series X console are amazing, it doesn’t mean that all people feel the same about it. It is good to know that the next-gen console has more power than over 1,200 Nintendo GameCubes, but power is not everything, and since people were wondering what is a teraflop, having 12 doesn’t sound very appealing now. By the looks of the situation, the company might not sell so many Xbox Series X consoles.

Gamers shared their opinion on the tweet by saying that: “Teraflops mean nothing without performance numbers. Higher teraflops are faster, but what really matters is how well games are optimized. There’s no point in having 12 Tflops if the game doesn’t fully utilize it.”

Xbox Series X Tflop Outperforms Sony PS5’s, But No One Cares

“Xbox, other than their proprietary studios, just like the PlayStation, are not in the business of optimizing games. The optimization comes from the studio and occasionally graphics hardware teams (external to Xbox itself as they aren’t building the chipset). Xbox will work with the teams to make them efficient, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all metric.

Saying more computing power isn’t good is like saying: “Here’s a car that drivers better and handles better, but we’re not impressed because we haven’t seen the tires yet.” While the tires are important, they are not exclusively up to the manufacturer,” says a software developer with game development experience.

Regardless of the negative comments, the Xbox Series X is a top console. But since players are focusing more on the games side than specs, than maybe the company should do something about this too.

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