Xbox Series X Controller Packaging Latest Rumors and Leaks Indicate Two Next-gen Consoles

xbox controller package

Photos of an Xbox Series X controller are now available online, indicating more consoles coming to next-gen than what Microsoft has announced. 

New pictures have come to light that could give players insight on what to expect from Xbox Series X and other Microsoft plans. From the looks of this recent leak, some early opinions for the Series X might turn out to be accurate, at least if the details on the controller packaging turns out to be true. Here is what you need to know. 

New Xbox Series X Controller Packaging Leak Details: What to Expect

The recent leak comes from a popular tipster, @Wario 64 on Twitter, who posted a set of photos (uploaded initially by @TinyRakan), and says to have an Xbox Series X controller with the packaging. 

Seemingly related to another leak from July, which Microsoft had a strange response to, the newest photos seem to imply not only will there possibly be a white Xbox Series X console but another fully next-gen system. 

On the packaging unveiled in those pictures, the controller is said to be compatible with Windows 10, Mobile, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. The thing here is that Microsoft appears to have an Xbox Series S console that is ready to be launched, perhaps alongside the Series X?

Such a thing coincides with other claims from Microsoft about the Series X’s name. Specifically, the upcoming console is only the Xbox and that the Series X is the product line that the system comes.

Also, when the title was initially announced, it led some to speculate that there was a bigger series of next-gen consoles scheduled to arrive, maybe with a light priced variant planning to expand the possible audience at launch. 

Whether or not Series S is a lighter variant of the new Xbox or a type of Series X-2 console, the recent leak could mean that players will get more options than before. It’s better if we take all this information with a grain of salt. 

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