Xbox Scarlett Console Price Details and a Microsoft Upgrade Scheduled for X019 Event

The X019 event will come bigger than ever this time in London. The event is expected to bring an exciting conference packed with Microsoft news. Fans have already been informed about many actions that will take place in London, and there’s a massive possibility for Xbox Scarlett to steal the show. Xbox, known as a direct rival of PS5, doesn’t come yet with details about its design or prices. However, we will find out more at the X019 event, and why the next-gen console comes so hard after its rival PS5.

As the Microsoft statement reads, “Join us for X019 in London, the annual global celebration of all things Xbox. […] Coverage streams on Mixer from November 14-16, 2019, and tickets go on sale October 1.”

The event is set to bring much information about games, as well, which will be streamed on Mixer, Twitter, and YouTube, too. We could also hope for some exclusive surprises.

Xbox Scarlett remains pretty much a mystery when it comes to its design or how much we’ll spend on it. Such a fact could take by surprise PS developers because they would have something to match. Moreover, some speculations support the idea of a PS5 unveiling, next year in February, during their well-known event. Microsoft gets the chance now through the X019 event to get fans the so-waited answers and details, along with some visions for the next-gen console.

Microsoft could also use the event from London to promote its Project xCloud streaming service further because fans are interested in its final release. Xbox Scarlett’s details have been kept pretty much secret, along with the games which will feature on the console. X019 event could mean a lot, or it could be a real bug if it wouldn’t bring the so-waited information.

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