WWE News — Daniel Bryan Brought 5 Wrestling Superstar in the Ring in 2019

Daniel Bryan suffered some injuries that made him retire from the ring at the end of February 2016. He took a lighter role in WWE, allowing him to spend more quality time with his family. After the unfortunate events, in March 2018, he was back in the ring.

Back in full force, he won the WWE Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. However, what impressed the fans and the locker room the most was putting over several new and established Superstars in the ring. Bryan helped the company, as well as some of the newcomers, climbing higher up in the company.

WWE’s Daniel Bryan Brought 5 Wrestling Superstars in the Ring

Kofi Kingston

Kofi entered the WWE Championship as a replacement to Mustafa Ali, as he suffered an injury that put him on the bench for the Eliminated Chamber. He won the top title of the company for the first time. Defeating Bryan at the Grandest Stage of Them All, he became the first African-born WWE Champion in history. What helped get him recognized was Bryan’s excellent heelwork and making himself seem more despicable at the Planet’s Champion.

Mustafa Ali

Ali stepped up his game when he got in an argument with Bryan on the 11th of December, 2018, which led to an unexpected match. He lost the fight but came out looking strong. Bryan helped the youngster by taking major bumps from him in every game to make him seem stronger and get the public on his side.

Adam Cole

In the SmackDown episode from the 1st of November, Bryan demanded Triple H and Shawn Michaels of NXT a match against The Game. However, Triple H declined the request by proposing NXT Champion Adam Cole to fight Bryan. Cole put on an excellent performance against Bryan, who allowed him his most significant clean victory in WWE to date.


In 2019, Rowan and Daniel Bryan allied for several months. In May 2019, they fought together against The Usos and won becoming the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Shortly after, they split up, Rowan forming a team with Harper. Bryan formed a duo with Reigns and later on defeated Rowan and Harper. Bryan gave Rowan a push, which helped him into the RAW brand along with a cage in WWE.

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