Would WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Work on the Same Device?

Some of us want to get the best of both worlds, with WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on the same phone. WhatsApp is good, but GBWhatsApp comes with many other features, themes, and customization.

GBWhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp, which was made by parties that are not connected to the official WhatsApp. You can get both of them on your phone without any problems.

The rule is that you cannot install the same applications twice, which means that you cannot have WhatsApp twice on your device. But the fact that GBWhatsApp is developed differently from WhatsApp, it makes it easier to get both of them on the same device. And you don’t need a third-party application.

For this to happen, you will need to register with two different numbers. Most of our phones these days have dual sim card slots, and that means that you can have two different numbers on one phone. But if you don’t have a dual sim, just put the other sim in your phone, and keep it there long enough to set up, then you can return to your original sim card.

Download the original WhatsApp app, in case you don’t have it. After installing it, the app will ask you to verify by putting the phone number. You will get a code sent by SMS. Then, the app will ask you to create a six-digit private pin, and that is all.

GBWhatsApp has almost the same method as WhatsApp. But you cannot get it from the Google Play Store, because it is not recognized as being an official version. So you will need to download it from a safe source. You will also need a different phone number than the one already used on the official version of WhatsApp. You will be asked to enter the phone number, and you’ll get a verification code. Then, you’ll create your pin.

This is how you get both of the apps on your device.

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