World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Won’t Require An SSD!

Blizzard shocked their fans when they revealed the official requirements of Shadowlands, which implied that the game would require an SSD to run.

It appears that the listing was an error, as a new post from the official Warcraft forums corrected the mistake.

The Correction

We were announced that the minimum requirements would require an SSD, a detail that would signal an overall trend of adopting SSD technology in the gaming industry to replace the hard drives around us for decades.

Here’s Blizzard’s update regarding the SSD post:

“The text of the Systems Specifications for Shadowlands was updated a few minutes ago on our Support Site: 139

The minimum requirements section for Storage now reads: Solid State Drive (SSD)100GB available spaceOrHard Disk Drive (HDD)100GB available space (depending on the performance of the drive, player experience may be impacted on HDD)”

It’s impressive that the developers mention that the game can run on an HDD, but there might be some performance issues due to the inferior performance of such storage means compared to SSD.

The problem appears because games are getting larger and larger, but the mechanical hard drive performances haven’t followed them as close.

The message is clear – The big players are keen on investing in SSD tech as it appears to be the new norm.

Is the era of the HDD over? Perhaps.

Release Date

You are facing a choice here: Either upgrade to an SSD or use an HDD and hope that there will be no performance issues.

You will soon be able to roam around in Maldraxxus when Shadowlands gets released on PC on October 27th.

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