Windows 10 Version 1909 To Launch In November

Microsoft is making some changes regarding its upgrade schedule. If we remember what started with Windows 10 after its release, Microsoft has held a plan that included only two major updates for Windows during a year, and some little patches on the go for fixing bugs.

Because things don’t work just like that, problems regarding the software quality appeared, and the company decided to make a change. We saw the difference in the second part of this year whit the latest release of Windows 10 and the last updates that are now fixing bugs and have fewer features.

Windows 10 Update Version 1909

Let’s start with an important note first; make sure to update your drivers and to set up a backup on your computer. This new update, version 1909, or 19H2 is not coming with a bunch of features. The few features that we can mention are the possibility to use Amazon Alexa in the lock screen; another feature is the possibility to create an event in the Calendar from the Taskbar.

Besides this, what is worthy of mentioning is the improvement of the speed of the installation process. Your updates will go faster, including the Windows 10 1909, but only if your computer is up to date, which means you must have the October update. If you are up to date, the new version 1909 is practically already installed on your computer. You maybe even notice when everything happened, because these last two updates are similar. So Windows has done its job alone and download and installed what it needed, the November update.

Finally, if your computer has an old version of Windows 10, lower than version 1903, your download and install will be big and long as duration. Take note that Windows 10 1809 from April 2018 will come to an end for users with Home and Pro editions. If you don’t want to update it, you can’t do anything because the process will start automatically.

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