Windows 10 Has Reached 1 Billion Active Users Per Month

Microsoft is celebrating this week, one billion active users of Windows 10 per month. To recognize its users, the company has released a presentation video. There, they present the upcoming upgrades that the platform is going to receive. Windows 10 will have a new design for Start Menu, including Live Tiles, as well as brand-new interfaces for File Explorer, and several applications will be introduced.

The video pays homage to evolution, beginning with the development over the years of Windows Start Menu. Additionally, the team shows the future upgrades of the current version of the Start Menu, featuring the Live Tiles. The Windows Insider team has displayed the design of the Fluent Design upgraded icons. Fans were able to see their appearance on desktop, as well as how the Smart Menu would look without the Live Tiles.

Windows 10 Became The Most Popular OS

Microsoft Team is also rebranding their logo, in their search to create a more consistent experience for their users on any platform ( macOS, IOS, Windows 10, or Android). They are replacing the flat squares that went hand in hand with the Live Tiles.

Microsoft Team has stated that Live Tiles are not entirely erased from Windows 10. They are militating for their customers’ preferences, and therefore, the option to choose between Live Tiles and app icons will be available. The new figures will be available in the Suggest Menu either in colored squares or without them. The video displays the look of this feature in both dark and light mode.

Upgrades in design will be present for File Explorer, calculator, calendar, and the Microsoft Edge browser. What is currently under discussion is whether these improvements will be available on Windows 10. It is commonly believed that their arrival in the update of May this year is highly impossible. Therefore, they will probably be available in the Windows 10 2004 (20H2) update.

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