Windows 10 2021 Start Menu – New Looks and Features

While a lot of users are wondering what a successor of Windows 10 would bring, they may never get their answer. Microsoft released its latest operating system back in 2015, and it keeps upgrading it with new functionalities. Therefore, Windows 10 could remain Microsoft’s latest operating system for a long time from now.

But you know what they say that looks always matter. Microsoft thought about this, and it recently released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161 for Insiders in the Dev Channel.

New looks and features

Microsoft presents its recent overhaul for Windows 10 in the following video:

The official description summarizes very well what the update has to offer:

“We’re back with another Windows 10 build video. Today’s build has UI changes to Start and Notifications, layout changes to Taskbar, and behavior changes to Tablet Mode. Let’s check it out!”

Many Windows Insider users are still waiting for the new looks of the operating system to arrive for them. However, not every Insider will receive all the features at once. The Windows maker is rolling out new features for a part of Insiders to identify issues that may cause an impact on performance and reliability.

Microsoft is still trying to encourage its users to make the jump to Windows 10 since a good part of them are still clinging to the good old Windows 7. The Redmond-based corporation is not offering technical support for Windows 7 anymore since January, and it’s pretty risky to still use it in 2020. Furthermore, most users believe that Windows 7 was the best operating system ever made by Microsoft. The reasons are simple, judging overall: it features very few lagging, it installs apps easily, and it allows for pretty much every process to run well.

On the other side, Windows 10 has its flaws, but Microsoft frequently tries to solve them.

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