Windows 10 Might Receive a Huge Makeover: What to Expect


Win UI might be featured in the Start Menu and Action Venter in a soon Windows update.

Microsoft is getting ready to give the interface of the Start Menu and Action Center in Windows 10 a massive makeover, according to a recent code reference seen in preview builds of its OS. 

Windows Latest also reported that the tech giant recently published Windows 10 Build 20197 on the preview build’s significant feature in a blog post. And, in addition to a new Disk Manager and some bug fixes, the preview build includes references to something dubbed “WinUI” for both Windows 10’s Action Center and Start Menu. Here is what you need to know. 

Win UI Features and Other Significant Details: What to Expect

A look at Microsoft’s Program Database (PDB) files in Windows Build 20197 and we can find that the tech giant has currently under development a number of new features for Windows 10’s user interface. The features include WinUIOnDesktop, WinUIDesktopStartMenu, and WinUIDesktopActionCenter.  

In case you don’t know, Win UI is Microsoft’s upcoming generation of user interface platforms for Windows 10 and Windows 10X. The company released a few statements about Win UI and how developers can leverage the new framework, stating: “With support for both Desktop and UWP apps, you can build with WinUI from the ground up, or gradually migrate your existing MFC, WinForms, or WPF apps using familiar languages such as C++, Visual Basic, C#, and Javascript.”

According to the references inside its recent preview build, Microsoft might end up letting Windows 10’s Start Menu and Action Center utilize UI components from Win UI in an effort to enhance consistency across its whole OS. 

Microsoft is expected to bring new improvements and to solve some issues for quite a while now. The last update didn’t bring the best features yet nor bug fixes. The company should release more details about its next move in the coming months. 

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