Will Xbox Scarlett Win Against PlayStation 5?

Next year is coming with a lot of novelties in all areas, but especially in the tech department. A lot of battles will take place between phones, software, consoles, and all kind of products. We are sure that 2020 will start with the battle between consoles, as well. Microsoft will stop for nothing to prove that Xbox Scarlett will be better and performing than Sony’s PlayStation 5.

The battle between the two consoles will not be only on their performance, but between their prices as well. The boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is talking a lot about Project Scarlett. He says that over the years, the company learned a lot from the beginning of Xbox One generation. Xbox One started on the market at a higher price than the other consoles, and the power was lower.

However, things are changing when it comes to Project Scarlett because the team is focusing now on market success. The idea of continuing the generation of consoles was discussed years ago in the company. But as Spencer declares about himself, he likes to compete, so the next generation of consoles will come and will compete on the market. So all the focus is now changed on the right things, on backward compatibility and cross-play.

However, it is interesting to see what will happen for real next year with these two consoles. As we know little details about both consoles, we can expect a hard competition, a battle of specs and prices. We are aware of the little information given by Sony about its future console, but it appears that Microsoft isn’t giving up.

Finally, it is clear that Xbox One was a severe test for Microsoft after the launching. For sure, the same mistake will not repeat with such a project like Scarlett.

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