Will PlayStation 5 Score The Same Success As PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 just managed to earn the title of the second-most bestselling console in the world, after the first PlayStation console – PS1. The question that arises now is – will PlayStation 5 score the same success as PS4?

PlayStation 4 is the most successful console in the world after PS1

At the moment of this writing, PlayStation 4 sums up just about 103 million units sold. It has been outnumbered in terms of sales only by the first PlayStation console in the world, dubbed now as PS1.

However, we’re moving closer to a new Holiday season, so PlayStation 4 might sell, even more, dethroning its long-forgotten grand-grand-grand-father. But, people are already looking forward to the next-gen consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, and the debate is on fire.

Well, for the moment, let’s give PlayStation 4 its well-earned supremacy among the current-gen consoles, especially when Xbox One had traveled on a mined field. The year 2020 would show us more about the battle between the consoles and their manufacturers.

Will PlayStation 5 score the same success as PlayStation 4?

The thing with the next-gen consoles would be that both releases, Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, would come with similar specs, according to announcements and leaks. Also, the presence of the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform could considerably change the game.

That’s why Microsoft and Sony signed a partnership for a common cloud gaming platform ruled by both companies. So, 2020 might not resume to the battle of the next-gen physical consoles, but to a war between the two and Google Stadia that allows in-browser gaming for a monthly subscription, no matter how performant one’s PC is.

Exclusive titles will make the difference

In this chapter, PlayStation 4 smashed Xbox One and Microsoft. The same might be happening with PlayStation 5, and some rumors already emerged on the Internet, saying that GTA 6 would come out as a PS5-exclusive title.

As we see it at the moment, PlayStation5 would be the best-selling Sony console, and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett has no chance in this fight.

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