Will Apple Increase Prices in 2020?

The iPhone 11 has started the subtle approach from Apple to upgrade its devices, leading them through class-leading smartphones. Of course, the last model will not be the only one that will receive the upgrade. Apple is planning to upgrade starting from 2020 to every device with 5G. But how this upgrade will affect the prices of the devices? We have hot news and explanations from Ming-Chi Kuo about this vital upgrade.

Apple in 2020

Kuo is saying that Apple will want to equip each device with 5G in 2020. That means that some components will change for the 5G plan. For example, the motherboard and the antenna technology will change; the fabrication will cost more than before, around 35% more. They can’t upgrade to 5G without the motherboard being replaced. This component is the most important in an Apple device and is one of the most expensive as well.

Also, adding the 5G option to the iPhone, it means that the customer will pay around $400 additional to the expensive smartphone. We know that a company like Apple has a lot of profit, but the decision to upgrade each new iPhone is still a hard one. We aren’t sure if the company can bring the price down for the customers. We don’t know instead of how Apple fans will cope with the addition of a hundred dollars to their favorite devices.

Besides this, we know from leaks that Apple has some severe and incredible plans with iPhones in 2020. The company is ambitious in making history with their device, and the additions will be great. We are talking about new screen sizes, maybe the Touch ID will be back, or long-range 3D cameras as well. We can’t forget about the 120 Hz ProMotion display, and finally, we can switch to USB-C.

Finally, we now the company is well known for increasing the prices, but we don’t know for sure if this plan will work well for the customers in 2020.

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