Wi-Fi 6E at 6 GHZ Spectrum — Are We Ready for the Next Step in Wireless Connectivity?

The Wi-Fi Alliance comes with a brand new wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6E, which comes with support for 6GHz connections. All we have now are bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Wi-Fi 6E extends this band of wireless connections to 6GHz.

They are also introducing new terminology to make the difference between the upcoming Wi-Fi 6 devices, which can work at 6GHz. We are talking about a significant part of the unlicensed spectrum, which will soon be available to regulators from all around the world.

Wi-Fi 6E is that kind of name that’s easy to identify when it comes to devices that support wireless connections in this typical frequency band.

These Wi-Fi 6E devices are expected to be available once the regulatory approval is granted. They will use this additional spectrum capacity to deliver new innovative ideas when it comes to Wi-Fi and valuable contributions to businesses and the economy.

Are we ready for Wi-Fi 6E at 6 GHz, the new standard in wireless connectivity?

Phil Solis, who’s a research director at IDC, stated that, When the regulatory landscape allows, the companies need to move with the products operating in the 6 GHz range, because they can understand the value of this part and how important it is to customers.

The first Wi-Fi 6E devices will include Wi-Fi phones, consumer access points, together with enterprise access points.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has talked about this, too, saying that 6GHz addresses the lack of the Wi-Fi spectrum by showing blocks of the spectrum which are meant to accommodate 14 additional 80 MHz channels, and seven additional 160 MHz channels, which are needed for high-bandwidth applications.

We’re in 2020, and many devices are expected to come with support for this brand new wireless connectivity standard, the Wi-Fi 6E at 6 GHz frequency. Many more details will be revealed soon about this new standard.

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