Where to Find the Gatherers in Fortnite and Destroy Them

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The most recent task in Fortnite’s Season 4 will bring us face-to-face with Gatherers, some robots scattered throughout the well-known map. 

As the game’s fourth season welcomes its fourth week, the battle royale challenges us to defeat several robot enemies. And while some have already encountered Galactus’ bigger drones, they must now face down the Gorgers’ offspring, the so-called Gatherers, in two of Fortnite’s weekly tasks. Here is what you need to know.

Find the Gatherers 

This week we have to destroy 20 Gatherers and deal some 10,000 damage with the Gatherers’s remains. To do these tasks, we must first find a Gorger, which can spawn in different areas, such as Holly Hedges, Retail Row, FN Radio, Slurpy Swamps, Lazy Lake Island, and Salty Springs. 

To spot a Gorger’s arrival, you must hover in the sky with your parachute until you notice a red light beam. Fly to it and locate a Gorger. 

Destroy the Gatherers 

Since the Gatherers explode a few seconds after death, and because only the Gorger can make the 20 Gatherers necessary for the task, you must avoid damaging themselves and not kill the Gorger too early. 

The challenge seems somehow simple, but there are a few things you should know. Once you arm yourself with the Gatherers’ remains, you can’t switch weapons, not even build. And while the Gorger doesn’t directly damage you, it might become more challenging to manage as it creates waves of Gatherers. 

For getting 10,000 points of damage with the Gatherer remains, you’ll receive 50,000 experience points. Destroying the Gatherers will bring winners 25,000 experience points. 

Despite the objectives’ difficulty, Fortnite players might actually like and appreciate the challenging nature of these tasks. Epic Games is encouraging the exploration of the game’s world a lot, using its Marvel-themed setting to the fullest. 

You can play Fortnite now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and Nintendo Switch. 

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