WhatsApp Update Rolled Out On Android With Improvements And Bug Fixes

With more than 2 billion active accounts, WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world. It is used by hundreds of millions of people each day and offers a wealth of features and advantages that keep users interested.

WhatsApp remains the most popular instant messaging app

A significant factor that contributed to the popularity of the messaging app is represented by a constant stream of updates that come with fresh features and new improvements. Many messaging apps have tried to steal the crown in the past, but despite some spikes in their popularity, they did not manage to attract the same interest as WhatsApp.

The primary and most handy feature stems from the ability to send messages to friends and family without the need to pay additional fees. All that is needed is access to a reliable internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi or mobile data. To help users who live in areas where the internet infrastructure is not well-developed, the app can send and receive messages even if users are restricted to an EDGE or 2G connection.

Users can share a large variety of files with the help of the app, including lovely photos, exciting videos, or relevant documents. There is also the option to share a Voice Message, which can be quite handy when you want to send an important message but doesn’t have time to type it.

What’s new in the latest WhatsApp update?

Those who love to chat will enjoy the excellent calling feature, which offers the ability to talk with love ones even if they are in another country. The feature provides a high-quality audio experience, but it is advised to use a Wi-Fi connection since it can consume a significant amount of data.

WhatsApp Web lets users send and receive messages via the computer browser, and the login procedure is secure and easy to complete.

The new WhatsApp 2.20.64 update comes with new performance improvements. Also, some bug fixes have been implemented. The latest version is available on the Google Play Store.

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