WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta Is Available On Android With Improvements And Bug Fixes

WhatsApp comes as a free instant messaging application for both Android and iOS, as well as on other platforms, including Windows 10 and a web-based version. However, WhatsApp for Android is the most popular app in its category. Earlier, WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta rolled out with some improvements and bug fixes.

Why is WhatsApp such a popular instant messaging app?

First of all, WhatsApp is entirely free to use. You can even make voice and video calls without paying a cent on them. The only condition is to have a reliable data plan to cover for the massive amount of data that such operations consume.

Besides, WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to chat with friends and family, leave offline messages, voice mails, and many other chat-related features. In addition, you can use the application to share documents, videos, and images with your contacts.

Last but not least, WhatsApp is straightforward to set up, and you will only need a phone number to sign up. Also, you will remain connected to the app as long as you don’t change your phone number. In that case, you’ll have to sign up again and recover your chats from the backup.

WhatsApp Beta program

Like any other piece of software out there, WhatsApp also has its Beta program. That means users can sign up to that and get access to the unstable releases of the app to test the new features and improvements before they roll out to the final versions of WhatsApp.

It’s like being the first to get new features, but that comes with a cost. On some occasions, the Beta releases are buggy and could ruin your experience with the app, so think twice before joining the program or testing a WhatsApp Beta release. That brings us to the latest WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta version.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta?

Many times, WhatsApp rolls new features in its Beta releases. However, the latest WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta only comes with under the hood changes.

Accordingly, WhatsApp 2.19.310 Beta brings a series of performance and stability improvements and some bug fixes. But, stay tuned because WhatsApp would soon roll out a stable version with many more features, including Dark Mode.

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