Wasteland 3 Patch Addresses Major Bugs And Co-Op Issues!

The new patch is currently only available for GOG and Steam users.

inXile Entertainment has introduced a patch for Wasteland 3 that resolves a few issues that haunted the game, from significant bugs to co-op problems.

The Update

The developer explained the update on the official website, with and an extensive list of patch notes.

The patch notes were published for Wasteland 3 players on GOG and Steam, but will only be introduced on consoles and Microsoft Store next week.

The update fixed problems that would “cause character and quest progression to be lost” while also fixing other minor in-game encounters, quests, and persistent issues with the Ambush Site intro.

The new patch introduced buffs for Polly and the Cyborg Chickens.

Additionally, the same fixes were also implemented to co-op mode.

The patch solved several issues that would provoke an infinite loading screen, though the developers claim that the problem still affects some players, and they are looking into it.

inXile noted that co-op players must “ensure their client versions match as mismatched clients can cause unforeseen issues.”

A Delayed Release

The game was released on August 28, three months after the initially planned May 19 date, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The game received plenty of positive reviews.

A reputable game critic, Ewan Wilson, said that the game has “a central narrative that you’ll want to see to the finish line” but noted that “it’s hard to take any of it too seriously.”

Have you played the game yet? Do you like it? If you are playing on a console, you will have to be patient for the new patch, but make no mistake, it will be delivered soon!

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