VLC for Android 3.2.3 Rolled Out Fixes and Improvements

In recent years streaming has become quite popular among smartphone users as many services have released dedicated apps for both Android and iOS platforms. VLC for Android 3.2.3 is the latest release of the VLC series, and it comes with fixes and improvements.

Some users may not have access to streaming services due to a variety of reasons, among which we can count a limited data plan, poor connection, or slow downloading speeds. These users may prefer to download their favorite TV series and movies directly on their devices and watch them at a later date.

To open video files, users may need a reliable app that is compatible with the format while also packing an excellent playback experience. One of the best media players is VLC, a reliable app that is quite popular among a large number of people.

VLC for Android Features

Free – The VLC media player is an open-source program available across a large number of platforms. Since the organization that handles the development is non-profit, users don’t need to pay a mandatory fee but have the option to donate a sum of money if they want to support the initiative.

Fully-featured – Since the app is a direct port of the PC version, it offers a large selection of features among which we can count the ability to play a large number of audio and video formats, network streams, and the option to play content shared on network drives and via ISOs.

A wealth of formats – The app supports a wealth of formats, among which we can count MKV, MP4, FLAC, M2TS, AAC, WMW, and others. Thanks to the built-in codecs, there is no need to download other files. It is also compatible with subtitles, Teletext and Closed captions.

Library – A well-designed library feature will allow users to access files quickly within the app without the need to open a file manager app.

What’s New in VLC for Android 3.2.3?

VLC for Android 3.2.3 comes with several improvements for video playback and Chrome OS compatibility. Here is what the official release notes read:

  • Application:
    • Video: Fix subtitles lost on multitasking
    • Fix media loading & page refresh, and it could sometimes fail
    • Misc. crash fixes
  • Chrome OS:
    • Prevent video playback to be stopped on laptop <-> tablet modes switch
    • Disable volume/brightness touch gestures
  • TV:
    • Leave video player when the device is shut down
  • LibVLC:
    • Fix VTT subtitles rendering
    • Updated youtube LUA scripts

VLC for Android 3.2.3 is available to download on Google Play Store.

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