Vivo Prepares 6G Development and Research Team in China

While we are still trying to understand the 5G connectivity and some companies work hard for developing devices that could support such a feature, Vivo leaves us in awe with its latest decision. The company confirmed even better plans than supporting the 5G network, choosing to develop the 6G connectivity.

For a start, Vivo needed a team, so it launched one for research and development in China. Developers will have to start as soon as possible, getting ready for the data explosion obstacles in the future. Meanwhile, the Indian telecom sector is yet to begin the 5G paths.

Vivo’s Steps to Develop a 6G Network

Qin Fei, the Head of Communication Research Institute, released the recent statement. He said: “Although the commercial use of 5G has just started, Vivo has already rolled out layouts for 6G, exploring the next-generation ahead of time.” So, it seems that the company has already begun working at the upcoming network, and it will inevitably establish the foundation of 6G.

Also, some reports indicate Vivo has made a dedicated and technoscientific team that is going to be responsible for the first phases of the development of the 6G network. The future network will be proved on the new technology.

Moreover, the team will also show the skills of the upcoming network in various cases. Vivo is currently in talking terms with the network business. Qin also stated that the 6G development team would collaborate with foreign and domestic universities for better research and results.

Vivo is known so far as one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturing brands worldwide. The company also declared that it reached 300 million users globally. The 6G development and research task will prove its efficiency in upcoming years. We should also expect the 6G network to be introduced, most likely in the second half of the decade.

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