Viber Update Available to Download with Up To 20 People To Join The Same Group Call

Most of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 situation, and chat apps are firing out of all cylinders during these seemingly boring times when social distancing/isolation got us craving for socialization.

Viber saw a drastic increase in the number of daily active users, and the company decided to make the app even more convenient with a new update!

The New Update – What Was Added?

The latest Viber update is available for download via OTA channels, which means that if you own an Android phone that has Viber installed and is connected to the internet in some way, the new update will automatically make its way onto your smartphone.

Not only does the new update allow the user to join a conversation with the other 19 of their friends, but a video trimmer feature is also included. Though it’s not that big of a deal, it’s still a nice feature.

Switching To Viber – Is It A Good Idea?

Let’s face it; Viber’s direct competitor is WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp has consistently surpassed Viber in terms of active users, occasional mishaps make users search for alternatives. Here are the features that could make you consider switching to Viber:

Free audio and video calls, but in outstanding quality.

Viber allows you to call landlines or any mobile phone in the world with Viber Out’s affordable international calling service.

Viber always syncs with the user’s laptop or Android tablet, which is convenient for those who use the app on multiple devices.

Group chats can hold up to 250 members.

The app offers end-to-end encryption for increased privacy and safety.

There is an option to self-destruct secret chats for every single message that has been read.

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