Valorant 1.11 Update – News And Patch Notes

Valorant patch 1.11 was delayed, and it looks like it will be released in the following days, bundled with the new character, Skye.

Reason For The Delay

The developers had to postpone the release of the update due to problems with its build.

Though that wouldn’t usually be a significant problem, the new update features new content, so the developers can’t afford to risk it.

Skye is a new character, part of the next update.

Leaks and various details suggest that the update will be released this week, though there is no official confirmation yet.

This is the latest announcement from Riot Games:

“1.11 has been a technical nightmare. In 30 minutes, we’ll be rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM (one at a time). We’re also delaying all other regions until we get a fix. We know we’ve said this every patch, but thanks for sticking by. […] For clarity: When we rollback a patch, it means we put the game files back to the last state it was in, this means we remove some files, change some files back to what they were. In terms of progress you made, that stays, as it is saved to the account. Hopefully that helps!”

As First Strike is right around the corner, the balance team was formidable at work, making the final tweaks before the teams start releasing the patch.

Riot Games wants to ensure that the top teams don’t have to keep adapting to an ever-changing game while playing tournaments.

Mild balance changes might happen during First Strike, but nothing too significant will be altered. The developers chose to delay the update, especially to avoid that.

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