Unlock the Daredevil Skin in Fortnite: Here’s How

unlock Daredevil

Fortnite hosts quite the event today (October 15), the so-called Daredevil Cup. 

The beloved character is now featured in Fortnite and challenges only the toughest players. You can unlock the Daredevil skin, but there is a catch. The challenge urges players to become the first defender of Hell’s Kitchen, a task not so easy to do. 

The Daredevil Cup is one of the first of four cups, which Fortnite presents as the Marvel Knockout Super Series. We should expect much Marvel-Fortnite content coming up between the cup series and the arrival of a tremendous character: Galactus. Here is what you need to know.

The Daredevil Cup Details

The Marvel Knockout LTM is not the only mode available in the Daredevil Cup. It represents a twist on Operation: Knockout set against trios of superpower-equipped players against each other in four rounds.

In every round, players have to battle against enemies with a new set of skills. Teams will also have to reach high in the tournament. The breakdown of the rank required to qualify for the free skin is:

  • Middle East: first – 100th;
  • Europe: first – 800th;
  • Asia: first – 100th;
  • NA West: first – 200th;
  • Oceania: first – 100th;
  • NA East: first – 500th;
  • Brazil: first – 200th.

Get the Daredevil Skin

Fortnite detailed that all players qualifying trios will get the Daredevil skin, and it’s not an easy task at all. Also, trios who do reach well enough will be able to access the skin only when the cup has finished.

However, every player who joins the event will get an exclusive Nexus War Glider. So, we all can be happy. 

Details about the remaining three cups will be officially confirmed next month (November). 

Fortnite was launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. You can also find the game on the Epic Games Store. PS5 and Xbox Series X variants are now in development.

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