Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.5: New Changes in v5.2.1

The folks in charge of Unc0ver jailbreak have recently put forward on the market a new tool that will fix a lot of bugs, greatly improving the overall performance of the platform. This update arrives just after the team rolled out the 5.2 version of their jailbreak. Before we go any further, be warned: Unc0ver jailbreak does not work, at least for now, with iOS 14.

Unc0ver Jailbreak v5.2.1: What Has Changed

For now, the developers of the platform are working very hard on making the tool compatible with iOS 14. Their competitors, the Checra1n team, has already released their version of jailbreak for iOS 14 beta 1. Thing is, that was not supposed to reach the public at any point. Even more, iOS 14 has just come out and, for now, users can only get the beta version of the operating system, so it is impressive that jailbreak teams are already so far along.

Now, back to the Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5. This one brings a lot of bug fixes regarding issues such as device compatibility, initialization problems for chips such as the A7, A8, and much, much more. The latest build of the jailbreak can be found on the website of Unc0ver and the most important updates can be found just below:

  • Device compatibility manager bugs have been fixed
  • A logic bug has been fixed, thus improving performance
  • Patchfinder initialization has been fixed for devices using A7-A8
  • Jailbreaking is allowed for corrupted/tmp directories

If you have performed your jailbreak using your iPad or iPhone, with the Unc0ver jailbreak tool, you will have to jailbreak your device again, but this time with the latest build of the Unc0ver jailbreaker. Before you update to the latest version, make sure to restart your device. Otherwise, the changes will not be implemented successfully.

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