UC Browser Turbo Update Available with New Improvements

UC Browser Turbo is a minimalist browser from UCWeb, part of Alibaba Innovation Initiatives Business Group. It recorded numerous downloads and countless positive reviews since its launch. The newest version includes various improvements, and it’s why so many people choose to switch to User Browser Turbo.

The app was launched across 148 countries and regions, and it has support for 23 languages, like Hindi, Indonesian, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese.

Mr. Huaiyuan Yang, Vice President of UCWeb Global Business stated:

“We are always looking for means to meet varied needs of our vast user base across the globe. UC Browser’s fast downloading and mobile traffic saving features have earned us a strong reputation. UC Browser Turbo is a more convenient search tool with a clean interface and Ad block feature for those who want a simple platform to navigate on. It is designed to provide users with a faster search experience.”

The app keeps getting better and better with each update.

Latest Version

UC Browser Turbo reached version

The app’s latest version adds an extra layer of reliability by addressing minor issues that were experienced by various users.

To update the app, either have your device connected to the internet on a reliable network (like home Wi-Fi) and turn on auto-updates or manually update it.

We recommend that you keep auto-update on at all times, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of manually checking if your apps are up to date and potentially miss out on new features.

Make sure that you download updates for your apps from a safe source, like your phone’s built-in app market (Google Play or Apple App Store), to avoid contacting malware or viruses.

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