Ubisoft Games’ Price For PS5 and Xbox Series X Unveiled

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Ubisoft games won’t be costly on PS5 and Xbox Series X, at least for now. 

Recently, we found out that next-gen variants of NBA 2K21 will arrive with a price tag of $70/piece. Such news made some wonder whether console games were about to undergo a long-feared price hike. 

While next-gen games might hit $70, Ubisoft, for instance, isn’t prepared to increase the price yet. All of the company’s Xbox Series X and PS5 games that will be released this year will cost $60/piece. Here is everything you need to know. 

PS5 and Xbox Series X Games Price Details: What We Should Expect

The recent information about Ubisoft games’ price comes from a company earnings call, which Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier explained on Twitter. 

Schreier posted another tweet to detail Ubisoft’s plans, stating: “Ubisoft wouldn’t answer when asked about next-gen pricing after this fall.” So, we should expect two things. First is that the company has no immediate plans to increase game costs. And second, is that the company has the right to do so in the coming months. 

Ubisoft has two significant launch events scheduled for late 2020, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. Both titles will be available on actual and next-gen consoles. The Xbox players can upgrade for free thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service. Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled to arrive on October 29, while Valhalla will be released on November 17. 

The strategy here is simple. Ubisoft intends to leave the door open to increase prices in the future, but it seems that it isn’t ready to a $10 extra yet. Furthermore, Ubisoft won’t lose that much by selling next-gen games at $60 now, so it doesn’t want to add more confusion during a next-gen console release – mainly since the consoles will arrive almost at the same time as two of Ubisoft’s biggest games this year. 

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